Reputation Risk

Black Diamond Risk Enterprises (BDRE) provides specialized reputation risk consulting services where an organization’s reputation is a function of the level of confidence held by its stakeholders. Stakeholders include consumers/clients, associates/employees, regulators/legislators, shareholders and the investment community.

Corporate reputation is one of the most important corporate assets and also one of the most difficult to protect.  It takes years to build but can be destroyed overnight.  Damage to reputation is an enterprise-wide event that can lead to negative publicity, reduction in earnings, costly litigation, credit downgrades, a decline in market share and the inability to recruit and retain top talent.

Black Diamond Reputation Risk Services Include: 

Subject Matter Expertise / Testimony

Black Diamond Risk Enterprises (BDRE) provides expert testimony in a variety of risk related areas. BDRE professionals are experienced, credentialed, articulate industry veterans who are passionate about the business of risk.