Morton Allen

Morton has 35 years of experience as a risk manager and consultant specializing in credit risk management. He provides banks and other financial institutions with the policies, methodologies, and infrastructures required to plan, optimize, and control the economic performance of the credit portfolio, and also to help meet and leverage Basel regulatory requirements.

Morton has worked with leading banks in providing capabilities to optimize RAROC performance while at the same time managing credit concentration risk at the obligor, segment, and overall portfolio level. An important part of this work includes identification, quantification, and stress-testing of possible scenarios that could potentially create extreme outlier risk in the overall portfolio.

Prior to this, Morton was a cofounder of the Risk Practice at American Management Systems, where for ten years he then served as Senior Risk Consultant in various assignments with leading financial institutions in Europe and the UK. Increasingly, much of this work came to involve development of capabilities to enable more active credit portfolio management, including strategic portfolio planning to drive and optimize primary market origination and secondary market trading activities. Morton worked with clients to define the required new business models, including new business processes and organizational roles and responsibilities, as well as supporting analytical models. He also provided the bridge between the new Business Models and their systems realization. He also guided implementation programs, including internal communications and change management.

Prior to this Morton was with Citibank for close to twenty years. He founded and then managed the bank’s first credit portfolio risk management department, responsible for measuring portfolio quality on a global basis, identifying potential high risk portfolio segments, and monitoring remedial management programs. He developed independent loan loss forecasts and helped evaluate loss provisions, the loan loss reserve, and capital adequacy. Reporting to the Chief Auditor and to the Head of Credit Policy, Morton also served as a principal liaison with the Regulatory authorities and external auditors.

Morton holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Management from MIT, and also a Masters Degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management with a concentration in Finance. Following this he also earned a Masters Degree in Operations Research from the Columbia University School of Engineering. He has participated in Executive Training Programs at California (Berkeley), and also at Stanford in advanced credit risk modeling. While at Citibank, he completed core credit training and participated in various senior credit training programs.